March, 2016

Vendors:  We now offer PayPal for use in paying your initial deposit.  See Vendor Application for details.

January 1, 2016

Be sure to mark your calendar for the Spring Show June 11-19.  Vendor and camping spaces are still available.  Call Jan at (859) 341-9188  or after June 2- (812) 667-5645.

A scooter for disabled persons is available for lease at the Main Office.  The cost is $10.00 per hour or 3 hours for $25.00.

Call for reservations or see Jan or Jo.

Wi-Fi is now available on the grounds for vendors (fee charged.) Limit one device per vendor. Bring your device to the Main or Field Office. Use is limited to credit card users and emails. NO streaming, uploading, or downloading.




2008 – A Year of Goodbyes and Fond Memories

The close of 2008 brought tears and farewells to the long-standing Friendship family.


This season of loss began when Tom’s wife, Rosemary Kerr, passed away in October.  Rosemary was instrumental in the formation and running of Friendship since the beginning. As the “Queen of Friendship,” her presence is greatly missed.






Tom’s brother-in-law, Walter Young, husband to Lillian Kerr Young, passed away in late October.  Walter ran the parking lot for over 20 years, where he was able to socialize with all the visitors here at Friendship, which he called his “little buddies.”









Tom’s sister, Lula Kerr Fox, also known as “Minnie Pearl” her at Friendship, passed away in December. She was a shareholder and vendor her from 1968-2002.  Her impression of “How-dyyyyy!” will always be remembered.





Tom’s sister-in-law, Alice Kerr, wife to Tom’s brother Edward, passed away in November.