Spring 2018 Show June 9-17

facebook Click here to link to Friendship Flea Market’s Facebook page! Get the latest posts and updates!                      The following is our Entertainment Schedule for our Spring Show!


     BAND                                                                                       DATE                                                                              TIME

SIX – PAC                                                                                       FRIDAY, JUNE 8                                                             8:00 – 12:00 PM


INDIANA MUD BUGS                                                                  SATURDAY, JUNE  9                                                     8:00 – 12:00 PM


SIX – PAC                                                                                       FRIDAY, JUNE  15                                                          8:00-12:00 PM


BOURBON ROAD BAND                                                            SATURDAY, JUNE 16                                                     8:00-12:00 PM


THE RENEGADES                                                                          SUNDAY, JUNE 17                                                        Noon – 3:00 PM



Welcome to Friendship Flea Market!

Held Twice a Year

Friendship Flea Market is only held twice a year in June and September. The Spring 2018 Show is June 9-17.

Stay Awhile

There's lots to do and see in Friendship--plan on spending the day or longer. There's camping or local hotel accommodations.

Get Something Good to Eat

You won't go hungry--every aisle has a different aroma!

500 Vendor Spaces

Anything and everything can be found at the flea market, like guns, knives, jewelry, and antiques--to name a few.